The Best Ways to Track Your Improvement When Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding definitely isn't easy, so it's important to keep yourself motivated by tracking how much progress you've made. Tracking your progress is also essential for letting you know whether you need to make any changes to your weight training regime or diet. There are a number of ways you can track your bodybuilding progress. 1) Look In The Mirror Looking in the mirror is the simplest way to track your progress – but remember, changes might not always be immediately obvious. Get a full length mirror and look in it every day to see the subtle differences. Remember, this method isn’t always reliable since we often tend to misjudge our appearance, either giving ourselves too little or too much credit. However, it's a good place to start! 2) Ask An Honest Comrade Getting an opinion from someone you trust to tell you the truth can also help you evaluate your progress. Remember, however, that people who see you every single day will be less likely to notice those subtle changes than those who see you every couple of weeks. Changes are much easier to detect when you haven't seen someone for a while. 3) Take Measurements If you want a foolproof way to track your progress, then taking measurements is the best way. There are several things you can measure as a bodybuilder to see how far you’ve come along. These include body fat measurements, weight measurements and build measurements. To measure your body fat, invest in a pair of good body fat calipers, and take measurements each week or bi-weekly to see if your body fat levels have changed. Weighing is easy because you just need a scale and, like the body fat measurements, you can check your weight weekly or bi-weekly to gauge your progress. If you combine both your body fat measurements and weight measurements, you 'll have a better picture of where your body currently stands by bodybuilding standards. You can further supplement these measurements by using a tape measure and measuring your different body parts like your chest, arms, thighs, calves and so on. 4) Take Photographs Last but not least, take photographs of yourself at consistent intervals to get a proper visual representation of how your body is changing. This is an excellent alternative to the mirror method – and it'll probably work better over time. Try and take the photographs in the same location and lighting every time to get a more accurate picture of your progress. Set aside an album just to put these photographs in and look at them whenever you need encouragement. By using the methods above, any bodybuilder can have a good idea of their progress, and can use this progress as a tool to motivate themselves further. Remember, changes aren't going to be instant, but you'll eventually start to see a pattern.


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