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Ozone Fitness has brought me to a healthier state in so many ways. I've never felt better or stronger since going there. Ozone Fitness has become such a big part of my weekly routine. Deb and her staff have made me feel so welcome and confident. Things that I thought I could never do, now I say "Bring it on"! The classes have helped to transform me not only physically but mentally. Thank you Ozone for now i can say " I CAN do this"!
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I usually don't write letters of this kind, but I felt extremely compelled to write this on behalf of Dana Hansen. When I came to Ozone Fitness, I loved the small atmoshere and incredilbly friendly staff. Dana really pushed me out of my confort zone, so much that she made me feel very comfortable working out. She knew exactly which zones to target on my body becouse she listened to my concerns and used her own expertise. I write this letter becouse I want you to know that Dana has helped me in so many ways. I am extremely grateful that Ozone could provide a trainer that not only helped me get over my insecurities, but showed a sincere concern for my health. Dana inspired and pushed me to be consistent and gave me results beyond my imagination. * Results may vary 









I have been training with Debbie since September 2012. Since then I have dropped 3 sizes and lost almost 30 lbs. I still have some way to go before I reach my goal but with Debbie's dedication and my determination, I know I will get there! *Results may vary










First, huge thank you for a well run and hugely successful program that your team put together. You have open a bunch of local eyes with regards to your copabilities and commitment to our town's young athletes. Feedback has been extremely positive. Again thanks for everything! Please tell Bill and Jesus they are excellent at their jobs and are true professionals!

Thanks Again,

Mark C.

Pop Warner 
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When I arrived at Ozone Fitness Training Center, I was searching for a certain level of expertise in a trainer. I found that level of expertise in ALL of the trainers. Being a former Personal Trainer, I also gained the utmost respect and confidence in the "Zone Training" system. After training here for just over 6 months the trainers at Ozone Fitness have gotten me back into BETTER SHAPE than I was before my 4 year hiatus. *Results may vary

Thanks Ozone!






When I came to Debbie just over a year ago, I was looking to avoid another knee surgery on both of my knees.  I needed to strengthen my legs.  I was scared to work with a trainer.  I had pain, and if I did the wrong thing, I had unmanageable swelling.  Debbie assured me she’s been training people of every stripe for more than 20 years – even and especially people who had just had surgery or wanted to avoid it.  She knew how to take care of me.  One year later, my whole body is transformed.  I am strong.  I am limber.  I have no pain.  And I have the energy and strength to play with my three small kids.  Even better, I still have a thriving bank account, as Debbie trained me with a group of women to help defray the cost.  I cannot say enough good things about Debbie. *Results may vary









I've been training with Deb for four years now. I feel heathier, stronger and I    have more energy. My exercise routine helps me strengthen my body to avoid aches and pains. I like going to Ozone Fitness becouse I know I am doing something good for myself. Besides, it's great to work with Ded and the staff ot Ozone Fitness. They enjoy their work and care about my success!! *Results may vary






liz chatel

Liz Chatel


I have the pleasure of working with Deb for almost 5 years! She was the only one who helped me look great for my wedding day. She worked with me throughout my entire pregnancy and now she is helping me get in shape after a C-Section with my daughter. I have been someone who has always struggled with my weight but I love to work out and I try to be as healthy as possible. Debbie has worked with me at every stage that I have gone through and designed personalized workouts accordingly. she has also invested time in helping me make better food choices. She is a lot of fun to work out with too. I see this investment in my health as critical. I highly recommend OZone Fitness as a training center. They will care about you and your results and you will feel like you are part of the Ozone Family *Results may vary








Just a quick note to thank you and the team for providing a great environment for me to reach my fitness goals.  The workout facility is light, bright and always clean.  The trainers are knowledgeable, and have tailored a program specifically for me.  Bill, Dana, Jesus all show a passion for their craft and do so enthusiastically.  I have and would recommend Ozone to anyone, no matter age or physical ability, to achieve their healthy living goals.  All the best to you and the staff.  *Results may vary







Debbie and Dana, Hitting 60 years made me feel over the hill. Thanks for dragging me back up that hill. Never thought that I could do a plank, yet alone, a one minute plank. Also, the weight training, and all of the interesting and creative ways to keep me rolling, jumping,stretching, and literally pushing along. I FEEL GREAT! I am amazed that I have lost a total of 12 inches this month, especially the two inches on mywaist. Can't wait for my next session.

Thanks sooo-much,

Priscilla R

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Deb and Ken. I want to tell you how pleased i am with my massage session with Nick. Today I experienced pain releif that I have not had in months. I am glad I listened to Taimi's suggestion to try a massage with Nick. It was great advice. (BTW I know I've said it before but Taimi is a gem). Back to Nick...I'm not saying it was as easy session but Nick was reassuring with coaching and we endeavored to "push" on. He is very professional and skilled. Thank you for introducing me to him and for the generous intro fee. I know I will schedule again. Ozone is a wonderful place and I feel fortunate to have met you and your talented staff. *Results may vary

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